bottled waterPROMOTO Marketing is a comprehensive provider of marketing tools, including promotional products, corporate gifts, T shirt printing, tradeshow giveaways, banners, signs and more. We help businesses grow by keeping their names in front of their clients, thus increasing sales and profits.

PROMOTO Marketing is a member of PPAI, ASI and Distributor Central.

We offer:

  • Printing - Business cards, postcards, brochures
  • Promotional products (Swags)
  • T shirt Printing - Custom Corporate Apparel & Accessories
  • Tradeshow Displays and Graphics/ Signs & Banners
  • Creative graphic services

Our one-stop shop model enables you to focus on your core business strategies while we become the support team for your marketing goals.

Our Philosophy

Best Prices * Quality Products * In Budget * Lower Minimum Quantities *On Time Delivery

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation. We want our customers to be happy with their experience from start to finish.

Our Story

The crunch in 2008/2009 had a huge impact on emerging and medium businesses. We were working with clients in our financial consulting business then where quite a number had come to us for help in turnaround management (sometimes when businesses are not doing too well or the owners know they could be doing better - they seek new solutions to improve their business).

The one commonality we found was that all these businesses do not advertise or do very little advertising.

We were researching for a cost effective, optimum return advertising solution when we found promotional products as one of the viable solutions to any marketing efforts. We felt that the use of promotional items at that time will keep the name of the businesses in front of their clients.

Today, we continue to use printed items to help businesses. People are storycentric. We all love a good story. So, in order to drive your business, you need to tell your potential clients your "story." A good story will be memorable and will create desire. Your printed items will help enhanced the recognition and action.

Our Promise

At PROMOTO Marketing, we

  • Take the time to understand your marketing goals.
  • Find the right promotional item that when use strategically will help you build your business.
  • With the right product, your client will be using it, keeping your name in front of them and CALLING YOU!
Do you need to promote your business? But you have no time? Or not sure how?

Call us today and we will be your support team!


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